ICS Technology and Features

ICS 1-800-BOOK-A-LIMO provides the highest quality global car & limo service available by integrating advanced technology with highly skilled professionals who work hard to fulfill the needs of every client. We’ve provided on-time service for thousands of small, midsize and fortune 1000 companies for over 38 years.
In-House Software
At ICS, we’ve invested millions of dollars to develop our own unique, innovative booking management software. We can customize our system based on each customer’s needs, provide faster responses to accommodate any transportation requests and improve our production and management of each booking. Our system contains some unique features and price algorithms that no other competitor has. We invented, developed and maintain the best system — all for you.
In-House IT Team
Our IT team works 24/7 to ensure the capability of our network, phone system, integrations and stored procedures are running optimally. We send email notifications, texts, and even our driver wake-up calls using IT configurations made in-house. We’re doing it right one ride at a time.
IATA / IATAN Integration
The ICS system is fully integrated using IATA / IATAN organization. We automatically update our system monthly according to the ITAN / IATAN requirements. This means your agency information is in our system so nothing further is needed for you to enjoy the benefits of our travel partners. Use your IATA number. It’s that easy.
GDS Integration
ICS integrates with all major GDS systems via DEEM and Ground Span Technology. Please contact us at ITTeam@BookAlimo.com for more information about joining DEEM and booking using your preferred GDS.
Online Management
At ICS, you can book, revise and cancel reservations online within seconds. You can also view all your future and past reservations, receipts and vouchers, as well as update your account profile, stored credit cards and more with a single log-in. Bookings are easy and fast. You can add stops, request a car seat, register multiple names and add specific comments and instructions. You can also select a preferred airport pick up location. Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver.
New York never sleeps and nor do we. Based in midtown Manhattan, we’re ready 24/7 to answer your call, email, text, Skype, online chat or even fax. We would love to hear from you in any way you want.
Web Link
You can now offer your clients the ability to book reservations on your website using our platform. Our system will track your reservations and apply your benefits. Generate Referral Link
We're always searching for new technology.